Friday, July 18, 2014

This Friday Afternoon In Snookland...Mary, Mary So Contrary.


Snooklandian environment minister Mary Polak says that her government's legislation that will make it possible for private companies, industrial or otherwise, to remove parkland from parks will not result in said former parkland being used for...

...Industrial purposes.

Or some such thing:

..."Industrial development is not and won't be allowed in BC's parks," she (Polak) promised...

Gosh, Ms. Polak.

Can we hold you to that statement?


Meanwhile, Ms. Polak, who is starting to make former GordCo Earth Wind 'N Fire minister Joyce Murray look like Mother Nature, also released that Kitimat Airshed report which she (and, apparently, CP's Dirk Meissner) concludes states that more pollution from Rio Tinto and LNG processing doesn't matter because the skies can handle it.

Or some such thing.

And, just in case you were wondering, no, that 'independent' Kitimat Airshed quality report that the Snooklandians tried bury under the privilege of the Sparkle Ponies did not consider some of the worst of the worst stuff that really, really causes problems (i.e. particulates).
For the record...Green MLA and climate scientist Andrew Weaver does not agree with the conclusions of Ms. Polak or the stenography of Mr. Meissner...Mr. Weaver's report is here.



Hugh said...

Desperation for economic growth in a time of increasing cost of energy = problem.

RossK said...


Especially hewers of wood and carriers (of frack) water-type growth, I reckon.