Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tresspassers?....In Creme Ville!!!?



That's how CP see's all those no good urban gardeners along the Arbutus line.

The VCourier's Mike Powell, with an assist from noted Dipper constituent backer David Eby, has the story in the form of a couple of excerpts from a letter signed by CP's Director of Governmental Relations Mike LoVecchio:

...We are a reasonable landowner who — for some time now — has allowed the presence of trespassers on our land without retribution. I know this is a harsh description of those who have put such care into beautifying our land with their unauthorized gardens, but what would you call those who park their vehicles or build storage structures or leave abandoned items on our land without permission?”...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...Our intention on Aug. 1 is not to begin immediate demolition of community gardens; we have a plan on how to continue track improvement in this area and will handle the removal of encroachments as our work progresses. Should encroachments still exist on the land as we begin our work, we must remove them. The safety of our employees is our number one priority and non-negotiable....


And just what is the good Ms. Clarke up to these days anyway?

And, as noted previously, Stephen Rees watched a good stretch of the track in question...It is in no shape whatsoever to carry trains of any kind, mysterious or otherwise.



North Van's Grumps said...

CP Rail has been taking our resources for granted since 1892, which includes high tone Shaughnessy.

Tiffany Crawford, Vancouver Sun May 31, 2013

Contracts that CPR made with the province as far back as 1892 |allowed CP to retain timber and mineral rights on 830,000 acres of railway land when it was sold to private companies and the province, according to the lawsuit.

CPR contends it holds legal title to the trees and stone on those lands, and is seeking compensation for the removal and sale of those resources. It says the groups (BC Government) were negligent when they allowed harvesting, quarrying or sale of the trees and stone without CP's consent.

Unknown said...

CPR should be thankful that the people who live in the area are making their land beautiful, rather than the rusty mess they let sit there.

Danneau said...

They're going to get Jim Byrnes to sing John Henry over the tracks which will immediately become serviceable.

Anonymous said...

I thought i read rail line had to use the rail once a day or loose access.vancourier?

Eleanor Gregory said...

Years ago the CPR made a huge bundle of money subdividing and selling off lots on the land that the federal government had granted it. I live on a block where the lots weren't subdivided until the 1930s and the first homes (many of which still exist) were built.

Boo hoo. They want more bundles.

Anonymous said...

Time to tax the living hell out of them.
I can here the screams all the way from Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

CP had better watch it. They could be sold out, just as the CN was. The BC Railroad was thieved and sold to the CN. Who thieved the priceless Real Estate the BCR owned?

Not even Canada's National Parks are safe from, Harper and provincial government greed.

I knew the minute Herr Harper paid a visit to Vancouver Island? BC's ancient forests would be hacked down. Sure enough, they are chopping down 400 year old Douglas Firs near Port Alberni. Where was Christy then?

Where was Christy when, Harper just gave BC's ship building contract to Poland? So much for Christy's families first. Obviously Christy's 100,000 jobs are also for foreigners, identical to Harper's job action plans.

No doubt, Christy and Harper will also have their dirty hands, on the CPR Real Estate too.