Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Let Them Eat Hummus!


First there were the promised beds that never that never seemed to arrive.

And then they came for their wheelchairs.

Now they just might be coming for their meat.

Sam Cooper, of The Province, has the story:

...Some nursing homes in B.C. have been cautioned that menus may need to be changed due to surging meat prices.

The costs of hogs and cattle hit all-time highs in North America this year experts say, due to a widespread disease that is killing off millions of piglets, as well as years of drought that have reduced the supply of cattle and changed farming production.

Amid the rising prices, Andrew Crombie, director of operations of a major food supplier to a number of B.C. care homes, has recommended that menu changes could help mitigate costs, according to an email obtained by The Province...


How to 'mitigate' such costs?

Well, an academic contacted by Mr. Cooper for his story suggested the following:

...(University of Guelph professor Sylvain) Charlebois said in order to meet protein requirements without significantly increasing food budgets, in the longer term nursing homes may have to increase usage of vegetable proteins contained in foods such as humus...


I've got an idea here in the land of plenty (of mega-handouts for the cronies).

Why don't we cancel a couple those ridiculous IPP contracts and use the money to take care of the people that need our help most.

Because they are not, as the fine folks from the 'major food supplier' called them, either clients or customers.

Instead they are citizens.

I mean, honestly, will this damnable Golden Era, underpinned by its race to the privatization bottom, a race, by the way, that did absolutely nothing to make things better either economically or socially, never end?

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Anonymous said...


Someone stop Prem Queen Imelda. Please.

What's next, coin operated hospital gown and towel dispensers?

Appropriate nutrition is already an issue in senior care facilities. Many foods, snacks especially, are too salty or too sweet, not optimum for those with blood sugar or high blood pressure issues.

Food is so central to our health and cultural traditions: facilities should have supervised communal kitchens so at least one day a week, seniors can still prepare some of the foods that give them pleasure and nutrition.

The generations coming up may prefer plant-based options, and many will expect them to be fresh, organic and well-prepared.

Anonymous said...

Bc liberals can tear up hospital contracts why not p3.?
Cancel Massey 2 billion bridge the golden ears bridge is in debt almost 50 million last year.

motorcycleguy said...

They can start by cancelling the Narrows Inlet lake draining isn't even started construction yet. Ask Bennett how that core review of wasted taxpayer money is going for him.

North Van's Grumps said...

Apr 27, 2002

The B.C. Liberals began a game of Fun with Bed-count Figures on Monday, with a presentation to an open cabinet meeting by Honourable Katherine Whittred, the junior cabinet minister for long-term health care. She tabled a plan to "build and operate 5,000 new intermediate and long- term spaces by 2006."

Reporters noted the discrepancy with the Liberal election platform. It promised to build and operate "beds." Ms. Whittred had switched that to "spaces."

Anonymous said...

Lie liberally
The puppet masters have become muppet masters.
Caveat emptor- panem et circenses for all of BC

chuckstraight said...

Maybe more hot dogs on the horizon? Much cheaper-especially no-name.

Anonymous said...

More like food bank along with students and striking teachers

Anonymous said...

Harper has Canada as a cesspool of corruption. The Campbell-Clark BC Liberals, are a huge part of that corruption. The BC Liberals, have thieved BC blind. I often wonder, what will the Camp-Clark BC Liberals, explain their dirty tactics to their kids.

There are communities that have undergrounds and bartering. Each community should be able to feed everyone, in a 100 mile radius. I am actually fearful of buying food in a super market these days. The recalls on contaminated foods, are becoming far more often.

A yellowy chicken in the super market have globs of fat folded under them. $15.50 for one horrible chicken. I pay %6.50 for a nice big hen. $77.00 for a roast in the store, my parents didn`t get that much for, an entire cow.

We all plant gardens in our backyards. And, there are the farmers markets, vegies, eggs, fruits and even, home baked breads.

Canada is known as the rip off country. Canada has the highest cost of living, in all of the America`s.

And, oh yes. Don`t get caught saving any of your own garden seeds. They can rip your gardens out and fine you for that.