Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Who Doesn't Want Granville Island More?


Remember how we (and others) recently wondered if one of the political reasons for shifting GranIsle from CHMC to the Port Authority was to 'soften' the latter's image?


That might still be true, but something interesting popped up at the top of the PA's 'official' response to the news:

At the initiative of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), exploratory discussions are underway on the possibility of transferring the administration and management of Granville Island from the CMHC to Port Metro Vancouver.

It is too soon to speculate on the outcome of these discussions. The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of Granville Island to the community as a cultural and economic jewel and is committed to maintaining its social, communal and commercial fabric...

Please note the word 'social' above, but not 'social housing'.


So why, from a political perspective, would the FedCons suddenly want to get the Island with all that social/cooperative housing away from the agency that used to help make that kind of thing happen just as the City of Vancouver is cranking up an affordable housing initiative?


Going off?



North Van's Grumps said...

Perhaps the far reaching recent SCC decision for The First Nation for land Titles? Granville Island (man made may it have been) was carved out, added to by dredging, was part of the Kitsilano Band land. The first Governor of BC was James Douglas who created large tracts of Reserves and then along came Trutch, who ....Took, Took, Took

Evidence and Proceedings of Kitsilano Indian Reserve

UBC Mapping Tool: Kitsilano Indian Reserve Timeline.

Check out "Aboriginal Title"

e..a.f. said...

if the feds transfer Granville Is. to the Port of Vancouver, then whatever the Port does, can be blamed on the port. Casino, luxury hotel and marina, the sky is the limit. Some one is going to make money and it isn't going to be the taxpayers. The cit can't do much about Granville island, it doesn't own it. There is land around it the cit has co-ops on, but that is it.

Title for First Nations not our federal government.

the province owns the land the Kits coast guard station sat on, I suspect some developer wants something built there that will have back blow for the feds so off to the Port of Vancouver the land goes. The port can sell or less it for a hundred yrs and say they needed the money to expand the port of Vancouver.