Saturday, July 19, 2014

Perhaps Pink Could Pen A Pro-Choice Letter Song To New Brunswick?

"...What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?..."

You may have heard that New Brunswick's only stand-alone (and safe and accredited) abortion clinic (which often offered its services to women without means at discount prices) is closing down, ostensibly due to a lack of funds.

And you also may have heard that this is because New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that does not allow accredited private abortion clinics to bill for its services through medicare.

All of which is really bad enough.

But what is really, really bad is 'Section 84-20' of the New Brunswick Medical Services Payment Act which stipulates that:

...Abortions are paid for (by medicare) only if they are performed in one of two approved hospitals after being deemed medically necessary by two physicians...

'Medically necessary'?




Essentially, if you are a woman without means in New Brunswick who can't afford to go to Halifax or Toronto you are now no longer in control of your own body.

In Canada.

In 2014.

Need more info/details?...Kaitlin McNabb put together a good '10 Reasons Why' piece at Rabble awhile back...It's here.


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