Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ford Nation Shows Its (Real?) Face.


From the MoCo's calm, measured report of the bit of ruckus at last night's Ford Festiva:

...About six demonstrators protesting what they called Ford's homophobia turned up at Thomson Memorial Park in Scarborough, holding signs that called for the mayor's departure from office...


...The mayor's supporters, however, weren't pleased with the anti-Ford sentiment, with a number of individuals getting into verbal confrontations with the protesters.

At one point, a few Ford fans grabbed the signs being held by the protesters, tore them up, and threw them on the ground, stamping on them in the process.

"Go home," they yelled. "This is Ford Nation!"...

From a reporter's real time view on the ground:


Parks are (still) public places, aren't they?



e.a.f. said...

not it would seem in Toronto and as to B.C., well if they are provincial parks they just might be mining and logging sites, or private corporations "leisure" sites.

Now can some one tell me the difference?

RossK said...


Good point eaf.

There is also that small matter of that bit park that has been converted into a money-filled playpen of the condo-developers.