Monday, July 21, 2014

This Evening In Snookland.. Do We Orbit The Boss' New Centre?


From Jason Kirby's piece, in Macleans, on the flight from the redback subtitled "If China is the future of the global economy, why do rich Chinese want to get their money out?:

... (Last) week, B.C. Premier Christy Clark met with Chinese business leaders to make her pitch for Vancouver to become North America’s first offshore hub for trading China’s currency. Asia, she said, “is now . . . the centre of the world.”...


I guess, perhaps, 'say anything' statements like that are to be expected from a person who once told us that she could see Maggie Thatcher from her dorm room.

Not that that is like being able to see 'Russia from your house' or anything.

In real news involving, presumably, Snooklandians behind the curtain...Vaughn Palmer's latest piece on what must be done in the wake of the reinstatement of two (of seven) Health Ministry analysts is a good (and important) one...As an added bonus, see if you can spot the Dean's somewhat cultish reference to a Railgate connection.



Anonymous said...

Christy did do some major Chinese butt kissing. she apologized for the Chinese head tax.

Is there any thing left of BC, that hasn't been handed over to China? This has been going on since, Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. He and Harper worked very hard, to dismantle BC.

Anonymous said...

how about some more raw logs.?
Dont worry about the 4 to 1 economic maufacturing job multiplier effect loss on BC economy.