Thursday, July 17, 2014

This Evening In Snookland....The Emperor Has No Helicopter!


Pertaining to that $2.7 million dollars that the Snooklandians billed for ferry-free flights around Lotusland last year, Jeremy Nuttall of 24 Hrs has gotten a little more out of the folks that did the digging, Integrity BC:

...“I just don’t think you can justify more than 20,000 flights as all having legitimate, good reasons,” (Integrity B.C. Executive Director Dermod) Travis said, pointing out there was only about 40 days of the legislature sitting during the billing period...

Twenty thousand freaking flights!


Considering they would likely all be driving, just think of the boost that would give to ferry revenues if these people would just take the bloody ferry.

Title of post comes from an Anon-O-Mouse in the comments, here....I'm still cleaning the keyboard.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget that if these poor people needed to fly across the straight rather tha take a ferry, they would still bill us, the BC taxpayers.

RossK said...



So why not, at least the very least, spend it (mostly) on that Tswwassen - Swartz Bay route that actually makes money for BC Ferries.


RossK said...

Put another way...

Essentially this is the outsourcing of public servant transportation.


North Van's Grumps said...

Hey, they could have kept the Fast Ferries

RossK said...



They would never be fast enough for the Empress and her Helijets.