Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sure Thing, Mr. Duffy...Canada Will Try To Accomodate 'Your' Schedule.


Well, well, well, whaddy'a know.

Mike Duffy has decided to let the nation know when it would be OK for his curtain call/trial to begin (via McSushiboy's pro-blog):

...In a brief interview with the CBC, however, he (Duffy) said he wants to get the matter “before a judge as soon as possible; early 2015 is fine with me.”...

Sure thing senator.

And would you like a side-order of jailside cottages with that?



Anonymous said...

How can Wright get away with what he did and not Duffy? I really doubt Duffy will do any time. Duffy said, it would all be cleared up in court. A certain person could see to that, could they not? That is my bet. The RCMP were added to the corruption list, for this incident too.

The U.K. is mainly where Harper dumps his degenerates. Gordon Campbell is already there. Wright will fit right in with that low life scum.

The witness to Harper's robo-call cheat, was sent to another country although.

Anonymous said...

Remittance Men in reverse

e.a.f. said...

at least Nigel has a "real" job, not on the government tit, like el gordo.

the date of the trial? I would suggest it might be the release date for Duffy's book.

It is one thing to charge a person, it is quite another for this to come to trial. There might be delays, witnesses who have schedule problems, and of course Duffy would expire due to old age or heart problems. We don't even know what type of an act the Crown will preform.

I just want to know when Stevie Cameron writes, 'on the take, the harper years", sort of like "on the take, the mulroney years", only more recent and better. This will have senator.