Sunday, July 27, 2014

There Is A Club....And, Apparently, The 'Idiot Bloggers' Are Not Allowed In It.

No potshot(s) there, eh, Mr. Baldrey?

No siree.

And what, specifically, might Mr. Baldrey be twitting on about this time?....Don't know for sure, because he doesn't say...But we did notice this, from Norm Farrell, from a little earlier yesterday.
And for those who do not recall how Mr. Baldrey  responded previously to a demonstrable potential conflict of interest involving a fellow member of the Lotuslandian proMedia club, the Exile did an excellent dissection not long ago...Here.
As for this 'Club' business?....Well....This.



Lew said...

Why do “reporters”, unable or unwilling to file a story directly contradicting the reports posted by credible bloggers, continually refer to the bloggers as idiots?

Why do those “reporters” never name the idiots or the pot shots so they can be tested for veracity?

Cowardice, I guess.

Anonymous said...

When you know which, political party the reporters support? It is pathetically easy to see through them.

Recall Campbell's two election lies? The BCR wasn't for sale and the HST wasn't on his radar either. The elderly lady in her 80's threatened and terrorized regarding, the HST battle. That is just a drop in the ocean of, much of the media's treachery in BC. Many of them are, a disgrace to their professions. There is very little left of, good honest journalism in BC.

Anonymous said...

I read a suggestion that poli reporters should be rotated out every 5 years to avoid embedded journalism.

Norm Farrell said...

In the words of Marx (Groucho, not Karl), "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member."

The Legislative Press Gallery is a special place that has this rule: Thou shalt not report anything but good news about a colleague.

Unknown said...

If I've posted this before, please forgive me. It's long, but it bears repeating:
"I had also come to some conclusions about my profession. I had a strong distaste for the myths that most journalists seemed to believe about their importance. I had found journalists motivated more by vanity than by a lust for public service, and they tended to be childishly susceptible to flattery from men of power. So far as they believed they were free to write what they wanted, and that they were the first line among defenders of freedom of expression, I thought they were suffering from a massive occupational delusion. I had concluded that freedom lies only with the rich men who own the media, who hire sycophants to do their bidding.
The idea of journalists being better informed than your average citizen is a big part of the myth. A daily newspaper, written by these supposedly super-informed people, gives at best a sketchy view of what is really happening; and that view is fatally deformed by the interests of the media owners, and by the intimate relationship that journalists maintain with men of power. In addition, I knew that journalists do not have the influence they pretend to have. The media at large do have a huge influence in setting the political and social agenda, and they form one of the main barriers to improvements in the quality of human life. But individual workers within the media have limited influence on anything, in my experience. My opinion of the profession I practiced had become, then, slightly anarchistic."
-Boyce Richardson "Memoirs of a Media Maverick"

Anonymous said...

You may write something but then editor or paper owner may block it.?

Anonymous said...

And speaking of "idiots" Mr. Baldrey.... how are you today ?

I guess you're busy following the bloggers for something to talk about.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

RossK said...

Thanks all--

I agree that the faux objectivity/balance/Broderism and the evils of maintaining access are field-wild issues of real importance.

But here in Lotsuland there really and truly does seem to be something more, at least in terms of those proMedia members with the 'established credibility' who cover provincial politics.

Here's a question, perhaps, that should be asked...Which of those fine folks with all that establishment cred (whoops, there I go again) do NOT have someone close to them who currently works with/for (or previously worked/with for) the BCL government?


Anonymous said...

I'd bet money, that CBC'c Chris Walker of Daybreak South is the real untainted deal. Interesting bio too...