Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And If I Were To Retire And Rob A Bank......


.....Would I be off the hook if I wrote an essay explaining how I actually considered myself to be a 'currency consultant'*?

Terrence Robertson, a special Crown prosecutor, said federal officials had also concluded that Dobell should have registered in Ottawa as a lobbyist. However, instead of charging him, they sent the case to "diversion," meaning it was dealt with out of court. As part of the agreement, Dobell agreed to write the report, which Robertson called "an essay."


"When I left government as an employee, I simply did not consider that the work I was going to undertake made me a lobbyist and required me to register," Dobell wrote, noting he now realizes "that I have encountered a number of individuals doing work that would likely fall under the ambit of the legislation who may not be registered."

Vancouver Sun, Mar 12, 2008






*When he was first confronted with the fact that he was acting as a lobbyist for the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia at a time when the two entities were making deals with each other, Mr. Dobell denied that fact and instead made it clear that he instead considered himself a 'content consultant'.


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