Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who's Avoiding Who In Vancouver Quadra?


We have already noted that the Conservative candidate in the next week's Vancouver Quadra by-election, Deborah Meredith, is running silent and, presumably, very deep indeed.

Now, S.M. Holman of Public Eye tells us that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would rather be seen in public with the Liberal(?) premier of British Columbia than his StealthCon candidate:

Stephen Harper made a whistelstop visit to Vancouver today (Mar 11) - getting together with Premier Gordon Campbell just prior to delivering a luncheon speech to the Business Council of British Columbia. But some members of the chattering classes were a bit surprised the prime minister didn't take the opportunity to do any campaign events with Vancouver-Quadra by-election candidate Deborah Meredith. Although, it's our understanding Ms. Meredith was on hand for the speech. And she attended two meetings with the prime minister after the luncheon.

Which begs the question, was Mr. Harper worried about what Ms. Meredith will do to his numbers or, was it maybe, just possibly the other way around?


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