Monday, March 17, 2008

Vancouver Quadra - StealthCon Fading?



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With two thirds of polls reporting, StealthCon Candidate Deborah Meredith is now down 5%.

Vancouver QuadraLast updated: 23:34 ET
PartyCandidateVotes% Votes
NDP-New Democratic PartyRebecca Coad2,80416.516.5%
CAPPsamuel Frank230.10.1%
Green PartyDan Grice2,55915.115.1%
ConservativeDeborah Meredith5,27831.131.1%
LiberalJoyce Murray6,22236.736.7%
neorhino.caJohn Turner710.40.4%
Total number of valid votes:

Polls reporting: 160/237Voter turnout: 16,957 of 83,121 registered electors (20.4%)

But even if these numbers hold......scary to consider what might happen next time out if the big one (ie. full-fledged Fed Elect) takes place when UBC is NOT in session?

Update: Good conversation going on over at Calgary Grits....have been having a heck of a time getting Non-Lotuslandians to understand that UBC is no longer a student ghetto what with the development of 'University Town' which has led to the development of places that are most definitely not LOW end condos filled with kids wearing Che T-shirts.
Updatee 9:00pm: Stephanie Findlay, writing in the UBC student newspaper called it yesterday.....the Liberals were made vulnerable in VanQuad by low voter turnout.
Updateeeiaeee 9:10pm: 50 polls to go in VanQuad, former EW&Fire (ie. anti-environmentEnvironment) Minister still up by 5 on StealthCon Candidate.
Updateeeieriaeeeorama 9:11pm: Ms. O'Malley colours VanQuad Red, passes out at keyboard, soaks blackberry in RedBull.
Updateiest 9:14pm: DMC Running in NSask is the ONLY riding that has hit 25% voter turnout so far. Who needs voter suppression in CanuckiStanMikitaVille when you've got apathy.
Updatieisbisterist 9:20pm: On CPAC TeeVee Con Strategist talks about the 3:00am phone call and crime!!! Is Karl Rove hiding under the table?
UpdateForRealest: StealthCon Gaining!!!!! Now down to less than 4% with 37 polls left


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