Thursday, March 13, 2008

Election Monday In Vancouver Quadra

This Just In....Conservative Candidate Can Read!


As has been reported here and elsewhere, the StealthCon Candidate in Vancouver Quadra appears to be doing her very best to avoid both the media and the public at all costs.

Heckfire, she wasn't even seen in public doing anything non-stealthlike (ie. campaigning) with her dear Leader when said Leader came to town earlier this week.

Luckily, however, according to the picture above taken from her official website it appears that the Leader is willing to show the candidate stuff printed on paper, especially when he can do it behind closed doors.

However, if you are looking for specific statements about policy and/or platform interests from the Candidate, the website will be of little or no use. Although, to be fair, on the 'About' page you can learn that the Candidate likes going to parties with Conservatives and that she was once a highschool music supporter and the manager of a boys field hockey team*.

As for specific dates and times where you can go and hear the candidate speak or, 'Heavens to Betsy', meet the Candidate..........nothing

(there are some very nice pictures from the Feb 2nd 'Campaign Kick-Off' though).

So, what about some high profile coverage searchable through 'teh google'?

Well, we did manage to learn through a recent linkable article in the highest of high profilish 'Asian Pacific Post' that the candidate thinks that one of the big issues in Canada's 6th richest riding is, would'a thunk it?.......CRIME!

Not killing crime though, because, while that does happen, the real problem, apparently is rich folks having their stuff swiped:

“There was one week in 2007 when there were three gang-related murders in the riding,” said Meredith, adding property crime is the more prevalent issue.


Perhaps now we are starting to understand this whole 'Stealth' thing.

*'Boys field hockey?????? Isn't that the kind of cross-gendered/multicultural/anti-assimilationist/captitulation-to-the-immigrant-nation-type of thing that well-heeled folks who love to secretly vote for Stealth-Con Candidates behind pollsters backs find kind of, well, distasteful?


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