Monday, March 17, 2008

VancouverQuadra - Will The StealthCon Prevail?



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OK....1st Poll reporting and it's a doggie-doo-doo fight!

Preliminary Results

Vancouver QuadraLast updated: 22:37 ET
PartyCandidateVotes% Votes
NDP-New Democratic PartyRebecca Coad4910.710.7%
CAPPsamuel Frank00.00.0%
Green PartyDan Grice5612.312.3%
ConservativeDeborah Meredith16636.436.4%
LiberalJoyce Murray18340.140.1%
neorhino.caJohn Turner20.40.4%
Total number of valid votes:

Polls reporting: 5/237Voter turnout: 456 of 83,121 registered electors (0.6%)

A couple of things to watch.......

First, the 6th most-monied riding in CanuckiStanMikitaVille is actually pretty darned heterogenous......UBC students do not equal Deep Point Grey, which is very different again from Kitsilaino. Thus, totals could swing hugely depending on which polls are reporting at any given time.

Second, last time there was a real race in this area, the May 2005 Provincial election, the Greens and the NDP actually split the vote which helped elect somebody who was supposed to be untouchable - Premier Gordon Campbell (the real thing, not version '2.0'). Thus......if the Greens do well it could spell trouble for Ms. Murray.

Update 7:48pm: True believers are already getting nervous over at Calgary Grit's place.
Updatee 7:52pm: John Turner is back, and running again in VanQuad, he now has 9, count'em, nine, votes!
Updateee 7:55pm: More than 10% of polls in now and it's a dead heat between the former provincial 'Earth Wind and Fire' LINO Minister and the Stealth Con.....could be fun!
Updateeee 8:01pm - Kady O'Malley is worried about being up all night to find out the result in Northern Saskatchewan, which she's dubbed 'DMCR' (DMC Running?) for the duration...has she looked at the StealthCon's numbers yet?
Updateeeeee 8:06pm - Murray Lib up by 3% over Meredith....If these numbers flip due to a huge 'money' push from the good folks of the UEL, is Marissen done? (assuming DMC-Running in NSask goes Con).
Updateeeeeee 8:11pm - 95/237 polls reporting, Murray holding her 'safe' seat by 3%. Clearly all that StealthCon bubble-campaign crapola worked.....that is not a good sign for things to come.
Updateeeeeeeeeiee *8:14pm.....160/182 polls reporting in DMC Running/NSask....Con will win going away...looks like turnout will be less than 30%.


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