Monday, March 03, 2008

Cadmanada Rising - Let The Kerning Begin!


Well, this is interesting.

If Ms. Cadman is still telling the truth, Mr. Harper clearly knew it was coming:

March 3, 2008

Personal Statement by Dona Cadman

I'm a little bit surprised at the level of reaction to the disclosures in Tom Zytaruk's book and I guess that's probably because it was put to rest in my mind, when I discussed the matter with Stephen Harper, 2 ½ years ago. At that time, I recall specifically asking him if he was aware of a million dollar insurance policy offer, that upset Chuck so much.

He looked me straight in the eyes and told me he had no knowledge of an insurance policy offer. I knew he was telling me the truth; I could see it in his eyes. He said, yes he'd had some discussions with two individuals about asking Chuck to rejoin the party, but he'd told them they were wasting their time trying to convince Chuck.

From that point forward.... I didn't regard it as a "Party" initiative, but rather; the overzealous indiscretion of a couple of individuals.... whose identity, Chuck never revealed to me.

It all comes back to my conversation with the Prime Minister.... 2 ½ years ago. I want to be perfectly clear in that regard. Chuck liked, respected and trusted Stephen Harper. I like, respect and trust Stephen Harper. If I didn't believe in my heart, that he was telling me the truth.... I wouldn't be running as the Conservative Candidate for Surrey North.

Dona Cadman

And doesn't this also mean that, especially when coupled with the previously released audio of Mr. Harper speaking to the author Mr. Zaturyk, that the Top Con likely knows who these two lovable rogues actually are.

Or at the very least, who they are not.


Why do I have this funny feeling we are about see what happens when entire cans of kernel corn get thrown into the whirring blades of the Wurlitzer?


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