Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Swarming.....



This place is, at best, an 'F-Troop List' blog.

And for the most part I like it like that because that way I'm beholden to no one, even people I agree with 93.4% of the time.

In fact, I'm so group-think averse that I had to have a long, involved discussion with myself before I could avert my eyes and push the button to join Progressive Bloggers.

And even then I almost quit after a short-lived dust-up with a prominent member of said group.

As a result, because I generally tend to stay out on the margins of things, I have never been swarmed.

Until today.

Now, based on the incoming links, almost all of them E-mails, some of which have the name of the right-sided astroturf group called 'Move America Forward' associated with them, I figure all this attention must be coming my way because of a post I wrote yesterday called:

Hang with Billy Zero - Get Canned

It describes the firing of a hard right talk show screamer named Melanie Morgan who works the 'turf and who most recently has been helping Bill O'Reilly bash the city of Berkeley, California.

But here's the thing - despite the fact that this site is getting hit at the rate of approximately 100/hr (it's usually between 5 and 10), there have been no comments so far because, as Atrios noted, 'Haloscan appears be choking on its own vomit'.

If and when the comments do finally materialize it sure will be interesting see what the fine folks flocking on over have to say.

Update: 7:30pm - still can't get into the comments, but the Emails are starting to arrive, not pretty so far.
Double Secret Probation Update: 11:00pm - well the weirdness with haloscream seemed to choke things down a bit unless these folks just like to stop by by the thousands to try and clog up ye ol' blogspot bandwidth (yikes!). Favorite comment so far is from someone named 'Jimi' who clearly wishes to 'Move America Forward' by saying things like....
"Screww you too - It is because of the U. S. military that you - yes, Canada, has the right to speak such bullshit."


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