Thursday, March 13, 2008

Did One Of The Flying Sambots Just Call Peter Ladner A Hypocrite?


Why, yes, one of them just did, at least according to Ab F. A. Bula.

The following is a from a letter, apparently sent to the VSun's Editor, by Chris Bennett, Co-Chair of Smilin' Sammy Sullivan's Campaign for Mayor of our Fair City:

......My final question and concern surrounds Ladner's hypocrisy. Prior to challenging the Mayor, it was widely reported that various sources approached him to run for the Vision Party or that he might run as an Independent. During this time, he was raising funds under the NPA banner. I would love to know what he's planning to do with that money now. What does Ladner propose to do with those funds? Why has he not transferred those over to the NPA?

Vancouver deserves more than baseless negative attacks and smear campaigns. Whatever our assessment of the Mayor, surely we all agree that Peter Ladner should be held to the same standards he seems so quick to pounce on with his opponent. I think Vancouver would be surprised by what Peter Ladner is not saying.

Christopher Bennett
Campaign Co-Chair, Mayor Sam Sullivan's Re-Election Team
Former Leader (int.) Green Party of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC


Was that a throat stomping, or what?

Funny, though, how it all seems to come down to the money with these people.

Which, for the rest of us, of course, is very, very sad indeed.



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