Friday, March 28, 2008

Remember When All We Had To Worry About In This Province....


...... Were Used Car Salesman?


Updates at bottom of post....


Ahhhhh, this little bit of late, late, late breaking* news is most interesting......

VANCOUVER — B.C. Solicitor General John Les has resigned over allegations he improperly benefited from a land deal while he was mayor of Chilliwack, a source confirms.

His resignation comes after the criminal justice branch of the Attorney General's ministry announced a special prosecutor had been looking into the allegations since June 2007. Les could not be reached for comment, nor could anyone with the premier's office.

Neil MacKenzie, spokesman for the branch, said the information was released in response to an inquiry from the media.**

MacKenzie said the appointment of a special prosecutor is not necessarily in the public realm.

"(It) may be announced or may not be announced, it just depends on the point of the investigation or the nature of the investigation," he said.

So there you have it, as we've been discussing for the last few days, it really is all about the land, baby.

The land.

Think back through the history of British Columbia's current 'Liberal-In-Name-Only' LINO-type government of Mr. Gordon Campbell and it's pretty much all you can smell.

From Timberlands... to Farmlands.... to Little Mountain Lands..... to Parklands - the stink is high, indeed.

Oh, for those good ol' Socred days.

When men were men and sugar was sugar.

And at least we got to keep our Province while our pockets were being fleeced by the the likes of the Wild Kelowna Boys and their juniors.


*In fact the announcement was made in a classical uber-Rovian late, late, late Friday document dump AFTER business hours. All those OIC drones really do count the newsycles don't they
**Sure will be interesting to find out where that 'media enquiry' came from, don'cha think?
Update: Mistah T!, Bill Tieleman has a good post up where, aided by a report from the Chilliwack Times, he gives us a little info about the matter under investigation....looks like this specific odour is older than which emanates from even the most stinkiest of very well-aged cheeses.
Double Secret Probation Update: 11:00pm Friday....CKNW reported that the 'media inquiry' came from a CBC reporter. Hmmmmm....there's really only one that covers the Ledge with any regularity, right? Anyway, perhaps Mr. Gordon Campbell will use this to go on the attack against a biased, state-sponsored media during his scheduled press conference tomorrow morning at 10am.....Regardless, I sure would like to know when that inquiry was actually made, because if it wasn't today, well, I smell deflector spin......


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