Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Return Of The Dobranos


It was a long hiatus for the Dobranos.

But now they're back!

And the plot lines are more convoluted then ever.

So before we get to the synopsis of today's show there are a couple of things you might have forgotten/need to know (this is the quick flashback part that runs right before the show starts).......

First, Ms Jessica McDonald, became a made woman when she was hired by The Boss, Mr. Kenneth Dobell, to be his assistant when he (ie. The Boss), was still the chief ear whisperer to Premier Gordon Campbell.

Second, last year, when The Boss got his toes splashed with a wee bit of hot water it was Ms. McDonald , who by then had been elevated to chief ear whisperer for the Premier , wrote a letter exonnerating him (ie. The Boss) of any and all wrongdoing after he (ie. The Boss) became the Uber Ear Whisperer for all kinds of people that were doing business with each other in this province (eg. the City of Vancouver, VANOC, The Convention Center, The Province of B.C.). The Premier and his Capos then used that letter as cover from the flack-hackery (ie. the punditry in this province).

OK.......Now it's time to start the show!

Premier Gordon Campbell says it is the tactic of a desperate opposition. This after the NDP called for his top Deputy's head, "Will the Government do the right thing, remove Jessica McDonald from her position as Deputy Minister to the Premier?"

That call from NDP Leader Carole James stems from this week's charge against Ken Dobell, a former top advisor to the Premier who was cleared of conflict of interest allegations by Campbell's Deputy Minister McDonald last year.

But Campbell is not amused, "The NDP's relentless attack on the public service is not just inappropriate, I think it is reprehensible."

As for whether McDonald was wrong to clear Dobell, the Premier said, "I'm glad to comment on this when Mr. Dobell's had his day in Court."

So, tune in later today after The Boss has had his day in court........

Mr. Dobell is set to appear in a Vancouver courtroom this morning to enter his guilty plea for failing to register as a lobbyist to the provincial government. He was charged under the Lobbyists Registration Act, legislation brought in by the Liberal government while he served as the deputy minister to the Premier.

......because then the Premier is sure to speak right after the 'bleating'.....errrrrr.....'pleaing' is done, right?

In the meantime, we'll all just have to wait and see what else the scriptwriters come up with.

So far, there is no truth to the rumour that the Dobranos will get themselves out of this one by 'hiring' the current ear whisperer's husband to run a secret poll so that the results can be selectively leaked to the media in their favour.

After all, even they would never stoop to doing a thing like that.

Would they*?

*Please see the bonus features in the comments.
This just of the scriptwriters just called from their reinforced bunker buried deep within the constantly shifting sand cliffs of Mount Tolmie......She said that they are getting ideas by the bushelfull from this interesting little document (pdf file from the special prosecutor). Apparently, this is one of those times when truth really might be stranger than fiction.


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