Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Imagine A World.....

.....Where Ergo Rules Everything



"We have a large amount of a product that we know to be in high demand from both criminal and terrorist elements loosely secured throughout the Prairie provinces," said Dave MacKay, executive director of the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers.

"In my opinion, if we're not careful we could have an al-Qaeda yard sale going on in Western Canada."

The Globe and Mail, Mar 01, 2008

What the heckfire is that flack hack for the Agri-business monopoly talking about?

Well, apparently Ergo World could end at any moment because....

Wait for it......

Wheat farmers are keeping fertilizer in their barns!


Speaking of which, weren't The Guess Who practitioners of a genre of Canadian music called 'Wheat Field Rock'?

And didn't they write a song dissing both Americans and Women that is radicalizing all the young kids these days?.

Therefore, in a world called Ergo, shouldn't CSIS now team up with Homeland Security (after all, they are a team now, right?) and find out what Randy Bachman is really doing in that Saltspring Island bunker/listening post* of his?


*a.k.a. 'recording studio' - ya, sure thing Mr. Vinyl.


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