Friday, March 14, 2008

Vancouver Quadra's StealthCon V - "The Signs Have It!"



This morning we had to get moving early because C. had to take Bigger E. to an appointment before school.

Which meant that it was just littler e. and me in the VW (notso)MicroBus as we crossed the great Vancouver Divide that is marked by the Main St. corridor separating the impoverished East (ie. ave. house price = a bazillion dollars) vs the monied West (ie. ave. house price = a gazillion bazillion dollars).

These days littler e. is extremely interested in all things guitar, so we skipped even the faintest whiffs of lameitude emanating from the Cluffmaster Flash and instead listened to Wilco.

And we were really digging the riffs in this tune when we crossed Oak Street and entered the VanQuadra Lands.

Which is when the signs started.

It was also when I suddenly began to laugh like a crazed lunatic for so long and so hard that littler e. had to holler at me to turn off the music and explain heckfire was going on.


Let me first explain the significance of the 'The Signs'.

For the past couple of weeks we've been talking about how the StealthCon Candidate in the Vancouver Quadra by-election, Deborah Meredith, has been actively avoiding any possibility of Campaign Contamination by either the public or the press.

Which led our old friend Thursday to ask the following on one of the comment threads:


So her campaign consists of a bunch of signs?

Doesn't Harper's crowd think that means the End of the World is Nigh?


Which was both insightful and prescient in the extreme.


Well, in part because I had made a fuss about the huge cardboard StealthCon acreage in an earlier post.

Additionally, I also made the point that rich people having their stuff swiped is one of the few campaign platform planks that has actually been publicly uttered by the Stealth-Con Candidate.

Which brings me back to the reason for my laughing like a hyena so hard that my youngest daughter became concerned for her safety this morning.


It turns out that the Stealth-Con's Operatives, acting in the dead of night, apparently ran around and stuck little gold rectangles with black lettering on every single one of her gigantic blue, red and white lawn-hoggers hunks of cardboard.

And here's what the letters on those little Stealth-Con-Op rectangles says......

"Tackling Crime
Vote Mar 17th"

I kid you not.

Now do you see while I'm STILL laughing?

At first glance I actually thought vandals had struck and that the thing actually said "Tacking On Crime" which sent coffee shooting out of my nostrils onto the windshield.


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