Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bribe-A-Palooza - "Powerlust Makes Us Stupid"


Former CCRAP MP Val Meredith was on the CluffMaster Flash's drive time radio show out here in Lotusland Friday morning.

Apparently, she was representing the defense in L'Affair Cadman.

Instead, Ms. Meredith ended up pouring gasoline on the fire (RealAudioFile beginning @ 6':45"):

"You know, there's all sides to stories.

And I think you have to look at the time and the place of what was happening - and that was, there was the potential defeat of the government, and people will say anything, do anything to try and make that happen.

Power, you know, can cause people to say things and do things, and I have no doubt in my mind that, at the time, people were making offers to Chuck to try and give their vote to the side that they represented."

In other words, it would appear that, if you can weave your way through the mangled syntax, what Ms. Meredith was really trying to say is that it's OK to do absolutely anything as long as the thing on the line is absolute power.


No wonder Mr. Cadman sent the jackals from the Calgary School scurrying back to their den of iniquity, pronto.

Unfortunately, Ms. Meredith's 'Power-Makes-Us-Stupid' flames of fury act was snuffed out immediately by the CluffMaster, who never met an interviewee's answer that was interesting enough to cause him to waiver from his producer's pre-assigned questions.
Best bit of closest-to-the-Sliverville-bone opinionage we've read on Mr. Cadman all week comes from the Hammer's Beer Man over at the D.C. Free Press.


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