Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vancouver Quadra - Is The StealthCon Candidate Really Done?


So, the former provincial 'Earth, Wind and Fire' (anti-environmental)Environment Minister, Joyce Murray has prevailed.

But just barely.

Election results were slow in coming despite a dismal turnout at the polls, with only one in three of the roughly 85,000 eligible voters casting ballots, compared with more than 67 per cent in the 2006 general election.

With all the polls reporting, Murray took the riding by 151 votes, a difference of less than one per cent, which may prompt calls for a recount.

Me, I'm willing to take pretty short odds on that re-count happening.

Not because 'She-Who-Would-Not-Speak' (a.k.a. the StealthCon Candidate Deborah Meredith) will win.

And most certainly not because the Con Braintrust thinks she will.

Win, that is.

Instead, I figure it just might happen because if they did push for re-count it would be a week of newscycles in which the talk would switch from a 3-1 Dion victory to a potential 2-2 tie.

And in today's NHL.......errrrrr......Canada that means we go to circus time, where all bets are off.

And if we make it all the way to the shoot-out?

Well, as we have just seen in Vancouver Quadra, a cardboard cut-out goalie coupled with handlers that can pull off a media-made spinneramma or two can go a long way when you're betting on winning with a flukey goal instead of the real thing.


Oh, and just in case you're keeping score at home (and/or are wondering why you didn't see/hear about this in the MSM after they all went to bed last night before the StealthCon made her last minute run), we called the Green effect in VanQuad early. To really see that effect, check out the graphs of the Idealistic Pragmatist (VanQuad graph at bottom of post - note equal but opposite slopes of Lib vs Green Vote).
Just imagine what would have happened if Lizzie McGuire had gotten on board for Greenie Dan Grice earlier rather than later.
As for the 'Green Vote Almost Squashes Dion Flat Forever' thing......Well, it's the reason why you are already starting to see attempts at a deflector spin meme of 'Greens trump Dips' from people like 'The Operative'.


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