Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where Is The Con In Vancouver Quadra? Part Deux


Last week we reported that stealth-Con candidate Deborah Meredith was ducking the press and refusing to participate in all-candidate debates because of decisions that were made by 'people above me' according to Ms. Meredith's manager.

And this week, according to SM Holman at Public Eye, the Stealth-Con has refused to participate in another debate on the future of broadcasting in Canada that is being held on the grounds of the University of British Columbia.

The excuse this time?

Well, it is, apparently, a very 'busy time' for the candidate.

Which most certainly must be the case because, clearly, Ms. Meredith wouldn't have to use up any of that very busy time driving all the way out to the far western tip of Lotusland where UBC is located if she were to participate.


Because she works at the University of British Columbia.

For the record, Ms. Meredith is also refusing to answer a questionare that would allow her to tell her potential constituents what her, or her party's, position is re: the future of broadcasting in Canada.

Guess that must be what the Calgary School likes to call the 'gnu' democracy.


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