Monday, March 17, 2008

Vancouver Quadra - StealthCon Gaining!!!!

Is She Dewey Or Is She Truman?


Update 9:53pm
- Lib Lead Halved; StealthCon now down by only 2.9% - 27 polls left!
Updateeeier 10:37pm - Lib Lead now only 2.5% - but only 14 poll left....


Look, despite what the TeeVee is saying......

This thing is not quite over - the StealthCon is now down by less than 4%!!!!

Vancouver QuadraLast updated: 00:22 ET
PartyCandidateVotes% Votes
NDP-New Democratic PartyRebecca Coad3,28415.115.1%
CAPPsamuel Frank290.10.1%
Green PartyDan Grice3,07914.114.1%
ConservativeDeborah Meredith7,22433.233.2%
LiberalJoyce Murray8,06837.137.1%
neorhino.caJohn Turner830.40.4%
Total number of valid votes:

Polls reporting: 201/237Voter turnout: 21,767 of 83,121 registered electors (26.2%)

Dewey and Truman all over again???

Shorter JMurray 'Victory' Speech: "It's the Environment, Me Stupid"!
Update 9:30pm PDT: CPAC signs off, they think the thing is done......If those 36 polls remaining are from Deepest Point Grey and/or the UEL there could be some eggs on lazy-assed media faces tomorrow.
Looks like not one single riding will hit 30% of eligible vote.....maybe we should change our name to Pathetickstan (Stan Mikita may not be amused).
Update 9:46pm: NoLongerSoGiant98 calls it Murray.
Updatee 9:57pm: CBC British Columbia after a plethora of punitiocrotaticness (NOT!) calls is for the former provincial Earth Wind and Fire Minister. What, they couldn't spare a traffic and/or sports reporter or two to actually cover the thing?
We Stand Corrected @ 10:09pm: VanQuad just broke through the 30% eligible barrier. Still Pathetickistan.


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