Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ya, But Can She Make Her Way Across The Border.....


Wonder of wonders,

After a peek-a-boo apperance a couple of weeks ago in Rochester New York, Rosey followed the band to the Rust Belt and came out for real last night in, of all places, Columbus Ohio.

And 'Glory Days' made an (unironic) appearance too.

Some folks lurking out there beyond the radio relay towers in the toobz have suggested that this was a salvatory attempt at making up for a rushed WKRP in Cincinnati show on Saturday night that may or may not have have had something to do with a need to catch a midnight train to Georgia (and/or a plane home for Easter Sunday with the family - what the heckfire, does this mean the guys really do have a life off the stage?)

Oh, and littler e. is pumped about this*

'Cause she's a dancer, don't you know.**

*When we all (C, me, and the two E's) go to see the E Street band shuffle into Lotusland next Monday night .
**And Bigger E is the singer, which means that I'm a 'Song and Dance Dad'.
And for the hardcore Boss-AKnow-Viacs out there.....Yes, I know it was Mary, she of Royalty from Arkansas, who made her way across the border, not Rosalita.....Sheesh.


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