Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Does The Failed Republic Of Wingnuttia...

....Want Hillary Clinton To Win So Much?



Exhibit H.234.a
- It would appear that they've sent out the call to the farm team's head boy and his hench poodles to start spreading the 'news' about Barack Obama:

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper is denying that his own top official was the source of diplomatic leaks that have caused turmoil in the race for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination and could potentially taint future relations between Ottawa and Washington.

Harper, feeling the heat at home and south of the border, yesterday vowed to uncover who leaked details of diplomatic talks that have painted Barack Obama as politically duplicitous.

But he insisted it wasn't his own chief of staff, Ian Brodie, who spilled the beans about a meeting between Obama's economic adviser and a Canadian diplomat.

"The government is trying to find who is responsible for this information being made public and it is not my chief of staff," the Prime Minister said in question period.

Sure, sure Mr. Harper.

And just the other day, didn't you also say the following?

The (Canadian) government regrets any implication ... that Senator Obama has been saying different things in private than in public."
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mar 03, 2008

Now, we suppose the Obama campaign should, perhaps, take some solace from that previous statement from the head boy.


Well, because at least Mr Harper didn't wonder aloud when, exactly, the candidate stopped beating his wife.



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