Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vancouver Quadra-StealthConVII......Blame It On The Coffee!


Well, it looks like maybe, just maybe, Charlie Smith of the Salish Sea Straight has gotten to the bottom of the StealthCon Candidate's absences at all candidate meetings in the run-up to tomorrow's by-election in Vancouver Quadra:

(Conservative Candidate Deborah) Meredith told the Straight in a phone interview that she couldn’t attend a recent debate on climate change because she had to attend a prearranged function. “There was a coffee party at somebody’s house,” Meredith said.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Sure does.

Unless, of course, the VanQuad crime wave that Ms. Meredith has been fussing about so much in the last couple of days put the kibosh on the koffee-klatch. Which leads to the following the uber-rich insure their finest of the fine Corinthean leather-cloistered coffee?

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