Thursday, March 20, 2008

Floggin' Demonstrable Falsehoods Since 1974


From the NYTimes-trumpeted DeSmogBlog:

Having failed last year to discredit the International Panel on Climate Change, the Fraser Institute is hoping to have better luck brainwashing today’s youth. The ExxonMobil-funded organization has developed a global-warming booklet for distribution to high school students and teachers across Canada.

Allegedly aimed at “helping them understand the issue and make their own decisions about what actions are needed,” the manuscript was compiled by rookie scientists and retirees with strong ties to oil and gas pressure groups.

From the Fraser Institutes own press release:

A new booklet summarizing the current state of climate change science in an easy-to-read format is being distributed to more than 15,000 Canadian teachers and students by independent research organization The Fraser Institute.


Why would any teacher, school administrator or school board member in their right mind allow themselves to become a conduit for the promulgation of propaganda from serial purveyors of petroleum putritude?

Oh, ya.

I forgot.

Some of them are scared or, worse, duped.

By stuff like this.


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