Monday, March 17, 2008

Vancouver Quadra - StealthCon Candidate.....

.....Just Misses Flight



Well, it turns out that, despite the fact that all those lazy, puddin' headed pundits went to bed early, there will be no Dewey/Truman moment:

Updateeeieriaeeeorama 9:11pm PDT/12:01am EDT: Ms. O'Malley colours VanQuad Red, passes out at keyboard,
soaks Blackberry in RedBull.


But still......

In the end, Conservative Deborah Meredith lost to former provincial Earth Wind and Fire (anti-environmentalist)Environment Minister Joyce Murray by LESS THAN 1%.

Which in this low!!! low!!! low!!!! turnout election season means that the StealthCon lost by less than a two hundred votes.


Just imagine where she would have ended up if she'd never uttered a single word.

Maybe next time the 'people up above' will tell her stick those little 'Tackling Crime' stickers on her mouth and hold herself hostage for the duration.

All joking aside, the fact that a stealth candidacy almost completely devoid of substance coulda/shoulda won in what was considered to be a safe Liberal seat does not bode well for future electioneering in this country.


Update: I had called it at less than 30% turnout all around, but VanQuad ended up breaking the bank at ~32%. Still pathetic.
Meanwhile: The Sam-Bots have read the tea leaves and they too have decided to go all-crime-all-the-time.
So, really big bold bonus question of the Goodnight Now!....Will the Marissenites now be sent out to aimlessly wander the political wilderness looking for rogue riding associations to reign in? (or some such thing)


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