Monday, March 17, 2008

DMC Running Goes Con!


Kady O'Malley has dubbed the riding 'DMCR' for the duration; thus the post title.

Desnethé--Missinippi--Churchill RiverLast updated: 23:13 ET
PartyCandidateVotes% Votes
LiberalJoan Beatty2,99232.532.5%
ConservativeRob Clarke4,29546.746.7%
NDP-New Democratic PartyBrian Morin1,59817.417.4%
Green PartyRobin Orr3113.43.4%
Total number of valid votes:

Polls reporting: 165/182Voter turnout: 9,196 of 41,841 registered electors (22.0%)

So, if the StealthCon prevails in VanQuad will the Marissenites be forced out into the wilderness?

Here's another question - will the turnout hit 30%?

Meanwhile.....The Operative pushes the Green over NDP meme. Sheesh.
Update 8:31pm....StealthCon Candidate now down by 5% in VanQuad, 140/237 polls in.....What's gonna happen if the next election takes place while UBC not in session?


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