Monday, March 10, 2008

Vancouver's Race For Mayor - Follow The Money


More Lotuslandian civic election musings culled from the very fine work of SM Holman and Ab FABula*.......

First, there's that half million dollar war chest amassed on the side by Smilin' Sammy that Peter Ladner's top Con wants him to give back to the NPA.

Then there's the rumoured $10K a month that Big Al Davids.......errrrr..... De Genova is apparently paying a Marissenite to run his campaign.

And no one is quite clear how much the Young Lib Street Team is being paid to paper the city for Gregor Robertson although, of course, it may be little more than free juice.

So where does that leave COPE?

Well, apparently they're looking to hire a fundraiser.

But only part time mind you because that's all they can afford.


All joking aside, this kind of stuff is going to be worst in the councillor's races where, if you don't have a money machine behind you, your candidacy is doomed from the start. Damn that KnoWards thing anyway.**

*Why nothing from the mighty Quinn? Rumour has it that he's been totally consumed with practicing his gushing so that he can sit in for Shelagh Rogers on Sounds Like Canada this week.
**And just where is that list of KnoWard campaign donors Smilin' Sammy promised oh so long ago?


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