Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today On The Dobranos.......


VANCOUVER — Former B.C. deputy minister Ken Dobell has been handed an absolute discharge by a provincial court judge for violating B.C.'s lobbying legislation.


Well, it appears that the presiding judge concluded that the entire thing was 'trivial':

Judge Joseph Galati called Dobell's actions a "trivial breach" of the regulations.

Dobell pleaded guilty yesterday to breaking lobbying laws by failing to register before the 10 day deadline, as required while working with the province for the city of Vancouver on a social housing project.

Outside the court, Dobell said he was pleased the judge reached the conclusion, adding he didn't want to end his career with a conviction in a related area.

Good thing none of that other stuff that led the special prosecutor to conclude that there was a 'substantial likelihood of conviction' on separate influence peddling charges never came up, eh?


All of which has us wondering the following :
Now that the case is no longer before the courts we sure hope that the punditry hounds Mr. Campbell and his Capos to the ends of the earth (or, at the very least, the Halls of the Ledge) and forces them to answer all those questions they have been ducking, including those involving The Boss's replacement (and former protege).


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