Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Happens When The Shill-O-Phant Goes Straight?


I have a bit of a confession to make.

Which is that I've long been fascinated by shills who go straight.

Sometimes it starts out purely as a matter of self-preservation that, especially if the former shill is able to come face-to-face with himself out in the rain, can become something more.

A pretty famous example of that is former Watergate shill John Dean.

Then there is the shill who just can't live with him or herself any longer and then, like a reformed smoker, becomes an anti-shill crusader.

A very good example of the latter is David Brock, a former shock-troop of the Republican smear machine who now fronts a truth-serum group that Bill O'Reilly hates with every fibre in his being , Media Matters.Org.

Sometimes, though, a shill just snaps for no good reason at all.

Which is what apparently happened to Vancouver Canucks colourman and well known pom-pom waiver Tommy Larscheid last night when he suddenly started believing his own eyes and began heaping mountains of scorn on a feeble Vancouver team that was getting hammered by Jerome Iginla and the Calgary Flames.


So, what's the reason I find these folks and their actions interesting?

Well, mostly it's the fact that they are the ones who can really shed light on how the Shill does their O' Phanting.

But I also find the responses of the O'Phanatics strangely fascinating as well.

Responses like this.....

“John Dean help (sic) plan Watergate and then blamed everyone else. John is a piece of crap”.... "John Dean is a whore and a coward!"
Phanatical comment on the ultra-right 'FreeRepbulic' Website during a
'discussion' of Mr. Dean's latest book


"David Brock: I am not gay.....What’s Brock holding in his left hand,out of view of the camera. Barney does have that Shite eating grin on his face....I think he’s holding Barney’s looks like the Witch (Hillary Clinton) flipped Brock by pimping her press secretary to him....."
More From Freeper Phanatics ignoring the irony of Prop-A-Gammon
while going ad hominem on Mr. Brock for starting Media Matters


"I think Tommy drinks on the job......Canucks fans listen to canucks radio to hear pro canucks, even when the team is losing...... Larchied (sic) takes it to a nauseating level....Tommy Larcheid is a parasite on the Canucks broadcasting roster....."
Phanatic comments on the message board after loss in Calgary

I know that stuff is vile.

And I realize that sometimes it is even downright scary .

But it also demonstrates how the true O'Phanatics are so far removed from reality due to the constant reinforcement of their irrational rabidity that when the truth is finally revealed to them they are no longer equiqqed handle it.

All of which just goes to prove that:

"Heckfire Hath No Fury Like A Phanatic Scorned".

Which, in all seriousness, is something we have to remember up here in Canuckistan when as we work to take our country back from a whole generation of homegrown Phanatatics that are now being weaned on crap like this.


For the record: I thought Mr. Larscheid's turn for the better might be short-lived, but he seems to be following through with comments like the following during tonight's drubbing in Denver: "....maybe this team just isn't good enough."


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