Friday, March 21, 2008

My Friend Jon


I think I first got to know Jon over at Beer's place.

Then I read some really great stuff he left at Frankie's.

And then he came here and left a couple of really sharp comments on CUTOG #2.

Anyway, he also pointed me towards Ukelele Wunderkind 'JuNu', whose stuff has inspired me to start thinking about making some whirly-giggin' soundimaginings with the two E's getting musical.

Best of all though, Jon also left this little tidbit at the end of one of his comments (and Bev you're going to like it a lot)......

I predict that Ukuleles will play some part in saving the world, or at least keeping it limping along.

Then again, I believe that billions of people are saving the world, a minute or two at a time, through simple acts of kindness, like playing the ukulele at the right moment.

All of which leads me to conclude that thebloggodome is both a strange and wondrous place indeed.....Everytime somebody drifts away, somebody like my old friends eteba or lenin's ghost, somebody cool like Jon or West End Bob drifts on in.

And, in my case at least, what I find most interesting about all this is that it's based pretty much entirely on nothing more than words strung together on a page....errrrrr....screen.

And I like that because, in the end, it means it really has nothing to do with being high-tech.

Instead, it has everything to do with just, well.....




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