Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where Is The Con In Vancouver-Quadra?


There are signs all over the place in advance of a Mar 17th byelection in Canada's sixth most-monied neighbourhood.

Rebecca Coad of the NDP had hers up first.

And Greenie, and frequent Tyee and Public Eye commenter, Dan Grice has quite a few up too.

But now acres and acres of lush lawns are being sullied by huge, omnipresent hunks of cardboard designed (apparently) to raise the name recognition of Liberal marrisennette on parachute strings Joyce Murray and the local Con woman Deborah Meredith.

Funny thing about Ms. Meredith though.

She won't show up to debates and she won't talk to the press.

Apparently, this isn't the candidate's idea.

Instead, she's just following orders and doing as programmed:

Conservative candidate Deborah Meredith isn't in Ottawa yet but she's already refusing requests for interviews.

Her campaign manager, Dan Tidball, said Meredith wanted to "focus" on the local media "and you're the national media."

He said her decision to not be interviewed was arrived at after a discussion among "people above me."

And all this went down before L'Affair Cadman evan began.

Which has us wondering if Ms. Meredith will now be told to hide-out in the Wreck Beach cliff caves for the next 16 days.

Apparently, once the kids from Quebec start arriving in the spring, it's a great place to brush up on one's French.



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