Saturday, March 01, 2008

Maybe Vancouver's Ruling Party Should Bring In The Donald

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How Is Stephen Harper NOT like George Bush?



Not the comb-over.

Because lord knows, Lotusland doesn't need a bad dose of TrumpTower-type eco-dense city*.


Instead we're talking about Donald Rumsfeld.


Well, it's because of what Ab F.A.B. had to say, in closing, about the latest jockeying for position that is going on re: the NPA mayoral nomination sweepstakes.

"We will only know the known knowns when the votes come in."

Interesting how a blog will unleash the inner, wry wordsmith-gone-wild in an already excellent reporter, eh?

Which is not to suggest, in anyway whatsoever, that Smilin' Sammy Sullivan won't be on the prowl looking for any and all developers with his boathouse-sized begging bowl (again) if he has to dip deep into that huge pile of South East False Creek/Curling Rink Fool's Gold to ward off the phantom left jab of Peter Ladner over the next three months (nomination vote is set for June 8th).


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