Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's A Big Week For The Marissenites


According to an excellent piece written last year by Paul Willcocks in BC Business magazine, after the demise of his former patron Paul Martin, Mark Marissen realized early on that Stephane Dion was almost every cloistered federal Liberal delegate's second choice.

And in large part it was that realization that Mr. Marissen then masterfully leveraged into a successful leadership bid for M. Dion.

But here's the thing.....

Cajoling the cloistered (and/or bludgeoning them; see the BasiBoy-assisted takeover of Herb Dhaliwal's riding association of 2002) of the party faithful does not a true National leader make.

Which, as Kady O'Malley noted on the weekend was made very clear for everyone, including the cloistered, to see after last fall's Outremont by-election.

So, next Monday's quadra-headed hydra of by-elections is a big, big test for the Marissenites.

Because if they lose seats, especially supposed safe ones like Vancouver Quadra, even the cloistered will be screaming for somebody's head.

In which case, here's hoping Mr. Marissen can sing for his supper like, say, Desmond Dekker.

Actually, we doubt that, even if his attempts to return the FedLibs to the promised land were to fail ignominiously, Mr. Marissen would be forced to stoop to entertaining the hoi-polloi to make ends meet. After all, he can always return to his Lobb-Shoppe, the name of which is Burrard Communications. And here's something else that is interesting, especially for the Anon-O-Mice and others that like to hang out Mary's place - according to Mr. Willcock's, one of Burrard Communications' clients of note used to be.......wait for it.......BC Rail.


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