Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coolin' Up The Old Guy

Don'tSwear, There's Kids Here.....

This time out the old guy has stumbled upon the Scottish band 'Sons And Daughters' who have shot to the top of the Domino Records pops with a new flip-disc called 'This Gift'.

Sure, there are all those comparisons to Blondie (without a trace of the platinum, of course) but what I really like are all those threads, including one that is clearly ripped out of a ragged old Stooges T-Shirt.

Which is made clear by the following......

Clearly, these kids are alright.

Even if they do have a wee tendency to swear apologetically when the other kids are around.


Previously on 'CUTOG'...... 'Distortion' from 'The Magnetic Fields'
Jon, in the comments, points out that there is little of Blondie in the clip above. How about this?


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