Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Al's 'Vision' Problem


The man who left the NPA's party, Allan De Genova, has a bit of a problem.

Which is that it looks like maybe some of his friends like him but hate his new party of Vision.

Why is that a problem?

Because in Vancouver civic politics, no matter who your real friends are, if you don't have a party machine behind you, you are doomed*.

S.M. Holman has the story.

*Ms. Taylor excepted, of course. But she is, unfortunately, not in the running.
Hey. Just imagine if the real Big Al , pictured above, were to come back and run for mayor. Wouldn't that be something? Then again, I'd be happy enough if the real deal came back and started working the morning slot for the Cheerleader station just so that he could blow that Neil MacRae right off the air for good, the right way this time (ie. via ratings not 'alleged' threats of reprisals).


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