Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bruce On The Coast


And who say's he can't see past the first row any more; from last night's 'Backstreet's' Tour Report....

.....Bruce was in good humor throughout. He joked that the pot smoke wafting up from the pit might cause a shorter show (it ended up clocking in at a respectable 2:20). Later, spotting a group of women in the pit wearing tee shirts that read "Lesbians [heart] Bruce," he changed a line in "American Land" from "the Germans and the Jews" to "lesbians and Jews.".....

And now, with Portland in the mirror behind it, the Big Circus Show has turned North......Seattle tonight......Vancouver for C., the two E's, and me too, Monday......

Come on up for The Rising.

And while I absolutely dig the fact that he changes the set list every time out, sometimes on the fly, all this provin' it all night is drivin' me crazy....After all, I can't keep making new playlists for the VW (notso)Microbus' sound system to ensure that the two E's will be fully prepared. Can I?


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