Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vancouver Quadra - StealthCon VI .....'Broadening' Her Horizons


Well, well......

On the last weekend before the big Bye-Bye Election, the StealthCon Candidate In Vancouver Quadra has finally emerged from the Big Blue Machine's Cone of Silence:

(Conservative Candidate Deborah) Meredith, criticized by her opponents for not attending all-candidates meetings, said she only attended meetings with 'broad' interests.

What the heckfire does that mean?

Does that mean that she only goes to all-candidates meeting where the 'field' (ie. the jumping) portions of track and field events are discussed?

Or, perhaps, does it mean that she only goes to all-candidate's meetings where they talk about the life and times of the Divine Ms. Z?

Or, is it possible, that she only goes to all-candidate's meetings where they talk little of substance what-so-ever?

As in wurlitzered-up, but ultimately worthless, hot button issues.

You know, very important stuff that actually means nothing at all in the context of Federal by-election.

Stuff like this:

"Vancouver is the property-crime capital of North America," she (Meredith) said (as she 'campaigned' in Kerrisdale yesterday). "It traumatizes not only the people who are burgled, their cars broken into, but it penalizes all of us in terms of insurance premiums."

So that's it?


That's the 'broad' issue that the StealthCon Candidate really cares about?


I guess now we understand the rationale behind all those little gold rectangles that suddenly appeared on her acres and acres of lawn sign cardboard Friday morning.


And just by way of a reminder - hiding may not actually be the StealthCon's own idea. After all, when questioned about why she was ducking the press her Campaign Manager apparently said that the decision was actually made by "people above me.".


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