Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coolin' Up The Old Guy, Pt III


To tell you the truth, I don't think this one will raise my coolness quotient with the hipsters in the lab one iota.

But that doesn't matter.

Because this kid, who works the UKE Tube like nobody else, is herself just plain cool.

I mean this is nothing short of unbridled DIY taken to that level, of, how to say it.....

.....Pure joy?

Even if she is wearing a hat because "her hair looks stupid, not 'cause it's cold."

Thanks to our friend Jon for sending us Ms. Nunes' way.
Previous COTOG's include Magnetic Fields and Sons & Daughters.
You want an original? You got it; and as for other UKE Tubians - they can be found here.
And then, sometimes you just stumble across an old guy who is himself cool; a guy like Pete (who I stumbled upon by tracking back from Ms. Nune's place).
And then there are plain old cool guys.
OK, I've gotta stop this now. Right now.


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