Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Is This What Democracy Looks Like?


Meanwhile, back here in Lotuslandia......

It looks like we will soon may have absolutely no representation with our taxation:

TransLink's UNELECTED! board will deliberate in secret on whether to raise residential property taxes to help businesses shoulder the burden of an expected tax hit.

At issue is how to raise an extra $18 million each year that TransLink no longer gets since the province eliminated its ability to levy a parking stall tax that the business community fiercely opposed.

The newly remade TransLink has the power to increase property taxes to make up for that lost revenue, and it had been expected the special replacement tax would only apply to business, industrial and utility properties.

CAPS and Bold and exclamation point are mine.

All mine.


And who 'unelected' that board? Why, none other than British Columbia's number one lover of secrecy (and secret deals protected by 'privilege',), Premier Gordon Campbell. With an assist, of course, from gravel dump lover/ big donor grovellor, Mr. Kevin Falcon.


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