Thursday, April 26, 2012

And If We Had An NRA In Canada....

...Would The (not)Premier Support Them To?

From the Comox Valley Record, under Scott Stanfield's byline:

BC Wildlife Federation delegates in Courtney hear premier support hunting.....

What's that you say?... The Canadian branch plant  the NRA's lobbying arm, the 'Institute for Legislative Action'has been very active North of the 49th parallel?....Say it ain't so....



cfvua said...

Ya wanna bet she doesn't know which end to point where.

istvan said...

I don't get your point Ross K.

North Van's Grumps said...

Rossk, I do believe "istvan" is pointing to a possible fine print typo error along the bottom of your Post: ".....NRA's lobbying arm, the 'Institute for Legislative Action"

"Legislative Action" should be "Lever Action" which seems to be typical of the BC Liberals as of late.

Point ---- BANG ---- pull trigger!

RossK said...

Point is, she'll go anywhere there is a crowd and say she backs 'em, even if she backed somebody who believes the opposite the day before (or after).

Then, legislatively she will do exactly the opposite.

Or not.

Depending on the expediency quotient concerned.

Put another way....She went to support a conservation body and suddenly started blathering on about local food sources and hunting.

It really is gov't by talkshow.


cfvua said...

She needed to see the Hunger Games movie to understand there are way more effective methods. Campbell bagged a whole railway without hardly a sound. Bow hunters have to be way more sneaky.