Monday, April 02, 2012

Coleman Accuses van Dongen Of Being A Leaker Of Caucus Goods...


.....To Bloggers!


Of course not.

Although, I must confess that I was caught a little off-guard by the pluralization of the pejorative.


You can hear it here, at the (notso) Giant 98 audio-vault on Sean Leslie's program (about 3:34pm Sun April 1st, just to go 3pm and then slide the little bar to the right so you don't have to waste half-an-hour listening to The Curmudgeon first)...Note this was after noon o'clock, so we assume Big Rich was not 'foolin'...
Grant G., a blogger, had it up first.
Andrea Woo, who is pretty quick amongst the proMedia folks, was a reasonably close second, about 25 minutes later on the VSun website...
One particularly 'prominent' Lotuslandian political blogger (singular, not plural), who spoke to Ms. Woo and denied receiving any 'caucus information' leaked from Mr. van Dongen, spent most his Sunday online time making fun of Justin Trudeau for winning his charity boxing match last night and had not yet weighed in on the matter as of 11:00pm Sunday ...At least not on his actual, what do you call it...Oh, yeah... Blog...
Hey!....Wonder if anybody has ever leaked anything of interest to Mr. Leslie?...Oh...Wait....He's not a member of the evil, reckless brother/sisterhood of blogger(s)...Never mind...



kootcoot said...

"Hey!....Wonder if anybody has ever leaked anything of interest to Mr. Leslie?."

No one would ever know, unless it was something that cast the BC liaRs in a good light, relatively impossible outside of fantasy fiction!

spartikus said...

Cardinal rule of ratf#*king: Never admit anything. Yet here we have a de facto admission "leaks to bloggers" have been legit.

Why? Why would Coleman admit bonafide Cabinet secrets have been set free?

One wonders if he isn't undermining Clark here to force a new leadership race. Desperate gambit, but these are desperate times for the BCLibs

RossK said...


Interesting point, but not sure it's spot on, because it would appear, perhaps that some stuff that is not so flattering to the BC Liberal Party is coming from the inside...



Hmmmm....Now that is an interesting thing to contemplate.

Me, I'm wondering if overtures have, perhaps, already been made to smooth Ms. Clark's way out the door through the conduit that the Three Amigos' have opened.


kootcoot said...

What I meant Ross, was that if it was unflattering to the BC liaRs, wastes of space like Sean Leslie or Bill "not so" Good would be UNLIKELY to pass it on to their audience, assuming they still have such a thing.

Alison has some great examples of del Mastro et. al. and pretzel logic at the Mayrand appearance last week.

So far Mayrand sounds like a straight shooter!