Monday, April 02, 2012

Diablo...Get Us Re-Write!


Because Juno Has Not Heard This One Before...


Wee Update at bottom of post

From noted music critic Charlie Smith in the GStraight:

Vancouver heartthrob Dan Mangan has officially become a member of Canada's music establishment.

That's because the indie songwriter picked up two Juno Awards this weekend in Ottawa—New Artist of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year for Oh Fortune.

Mangan is known for not having a swelled head, and that's not likely to change as a result of what happened in Ottawa.

“I’m not a celebrity—I’m not some big Hollywood star or anything like that,” Mangan told Straight music editor Mike Usinger last year just prior to the release of Oh Fortune. “What we do every day is very simple and real and matter-of-fact. We show up to a gig, and then we’re sound checking, then we’re eating, then playing, and then signing things after. That becomes your life."...


Can sometime tour mate, Victoria's Aidan Knight, be far behind?

Who cares, really.

As long as they both keep doing stuff like this...

(and keep getting paid for it by people who want to hear such good stuff)

Update: Late Monday...Stephen Quinn The Eskimo had the Manganator on the Ceeb's long-wave this afternoon...All joking aside it was interesting to hear what Mr. Mangan had to say about his inside-indie-out stratergy which has freed him and the fact that he sees the opening of a middle-space for workmanlike muscicians to make a real living in the wake of the collapse of the star-maker machinery...You can listen to the interview here...


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