Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Morning Ride.


Had to stop to take a picture of good ol' Riley Pa(rk) (I)ce Rink, and its sad sign, this morning.

The pool and nearby buildings are slated to come down soon.

After all, the mega-rec complex, which is a GordCo legacy project that is actually being put to really good use, is right across the street.

Which makes the Riley Park rink, pool and community center obsolete.

Will become a green space, apparently.

Which is a good thing, I reckon.

NPA Parks Commissioner Melissa De Genova pushed for a private facility on the site a while back.


Who, I wonder, would be interested in trumpeting the presence of a shiny new temple of private usaryarian gyms on public property in that part of town?

How about the developers of all those nearby Cambie corridor condos that will almost certainly soon sprout up?


But what connection could the good Ms. De Genova possibly have to those fine, fine folks?

And or the even finer folks selling land to them?

None whatsoever....


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