Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The New(er) Christy Minstrel...


"I will only preach about that which I cannot do anything about*."

Ian Bailey, in The Globe, explains:

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says she is opposed to TransLink awarding bonuses to its executives, but her transportation minister says there may not be much the provincial government can do about the practice.

“I don’t think that these executives should be getting them at a time when property tax payers are under huge pressure all across the province, and people are feeling like they are struggling to get ahead,” Ms. Clark told reporters on Tuesday....

{snippety doo-dah}

....But Blair Lekstrom, in an interview, underlined that the transportation authority is a “standalone” organization, which limits direct measures the B.C. Liberal government can take.

“We’re going to do what we can, but, again, I want to be very clear this is a standalone organization,” he said....


Once again...

We have a (not)Premier waving her arms, making a lot of noise, and generally trying to grab the attention of low-info voters while she simultaneously demonstrates to all who are paying even the least bit attention that she can/will do absolutely nothing substantial to rectify the situation.

Talk show babble would be more useful, in my opinion.

*a.k.a "I will stand, but I will not deliver."



Anonymous said...

CLBC execs got axed when a light was shone on them, perhaps CC's memory needs to be jolted?

RossK said...

Good point Anon--

But do not forget....Ms. Clark did not allow the light to be shone on the fine folks at the CLBC willingly.


She even accused the opposition of playing a 'game' when they raised the issue of the adult disabled being kicked out of long, long (eg. decades long in some cases) group home living arrangements.

It was only due to the work of a diligent proMedia, and in particular Lindsay Kines of the Victoria Times-Colonist, working with parents and real advocates for the most disadvantaged among us, that things changed for the better.

For anyone interested, we wrote about this at some length, here.


Ron S. said...

Crusty is like a paper mache doll, not much inside and vacant in the cranium part.

douge said...

Ya Just don't know whether to laugh or cry in this once beautiful province. Chrusty throws up her arm as there is not anything we can do to stop Execs getting bonuses.But sure as heckfire we are not going to let them fair evaders get away robbing our taxpayers of their hard earned money. Now just what the F*** are these Translink Exec doing for their bonuses, if the province has to figure out how to stop fair evasion. where do I sign up?

RossK said...


I cannot get that image out of my head...If I have nightmares about paper-mache talk-show/faux-leader bots attacking me and mine in our sleep I'm blamin' you!



Did you just say 'heckfire'?

If're in!

(no need for signin' up or down, or left, or right)